Tenant Handbook

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Insurance Requirements

Shorenstein Realty Services requires all tenants (as well as their contractors and vendors) to provide evidence of insurance. Insurance requirements are outlined in the Insurance provision of your Lease Agreement.    


Please forward your Certificate of Insurance to the Building Management Office: (1) before taking possession of your premises, (2) every year when you renew your insurance, and (3) with any change of Certificate of Insurance.


The certificate must reflect the following information: 

All of the following Additional Insured and their respective Members, Partners, Officers, Directors and Shareholders must be listed as Additional Insured on your Certificate of Insurance:


  1. The building ownership entity – please call the Building Management Office for this information
  2. Shorenstein Realty Services, L.P.
  3. Shorenstein Properties LLC
  4. Shorenstein Company LLC
  5. Shorenstein Management LLC
  6. Shorenstein MB, Inc.


  • No cancellation of the policy without a 30-day written notice
  • The Lessee and its insurer waive the right of subrogation against the Lessor, its Agent(s) and the Additional Insured.
  • Lessor’s insurance is primary to any insurance provided by the Additional Insured’s and is non-contributory.




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